Jun 132013

We left State College around 12:30 and headed for Norfolk, VA. We had rain on and off for most of the Trip. The traffic was light and we were making very good time. Just before 7pm on Interstate 64, the traffic came to a complete crawl, right at the Busch Garden exit. I decided to get off the Interstate to take the side roads, but found out that All the roads were slow. We got on US Route 60 south, but the traffic was not moving any faster. As we made are way south, we found out why. The storm that the news was talking about hit the area pretty hard. No tornadoes, just very strong winds and rain. We saw many leaves off trees and a few trees toppled in people yards. As traffic started to pick up again, we saw two locations were trees fell onto route 60 and were freshly cut to clear the road. It took use 30 minutes to go 6 miles. It was starting to get dark, and we could see areas near Norfolk, that still had power out. Many of the street lights were not on. We finally got to our hotel in Chesapeake, VA around 8:30pm. We packed some food, so we made some sandwiches and got to bed early. I set the alarm for 5:30, so we could get an early start. It was an interesting start to the trip.