Jun 242012

Buffalo: The start of ourĀ  cross country 6 week trek.

This trip was planned because of 3 events.

  1. The wedding of Marge’s niece, Saralyn Rose Smith. Looking forward to seeing relatives. Living out of state you only get to see relatives because of weddings or funerals, so we are looking forward to this.
  2. Stephen finished his 1st year of graduate school and needs a break, so we are going to spend a couple of weeks with him to unwind after a Hellish year. LSU crammed 2-yeard of master degree courses into 1 year.
  3. Jessica was picked as one of 12 out of 53 applicants to be the Arist-in-Residence at the Petrified Forest National Park in Northeast Arizona.

We arrived in Buffalo, Friday night after stopping in Ellicotville for dinner at the Barn.

Yesterday was the Wedding of Saralyn Rose Smith and Joseph Crawford Jr. We had a great time hanging out with the Cooper family, Marge’s sister Kathy’s family, for dinner. We don’t get to see the Mergs, Brian and Valerie, Michael, and Kathy a lot, but I’ve been following them on Facebook. The dancing lasted past the bewitching hour and everyone was exhausted.

After the wedding at St Peter & Paul’s church in Willamsville, a church that was founded by St. John Neumann, we visited Glenn Falls (https://www.facebook.com/GlenParkWilliamsville). This was where Marge and I took our wedding pictures 28 years ago. It is still a favorite for photos. There were 4 wedding parties there during our visit. I’m editing some video and will be posting soon.

more to come….

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